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Never forget who borrowed your Marvin Gaye book ... or that $20!

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IOU (I owe you) is a debt manager app for things and money. Keep record of debts, bills and ... More

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Published 12 Apr 2013

Have a look at your fridge door. Is it covered with post-it notes detailing money owed or split bills that you share with flat mates?  Or a list of books, cd's or DVD's that you have lent to friends? That's how mine looks, anyway. I've thought of using one of the many apps available but, to be quite honest, they've left a little to be desired. Some only link up to your social media friends, some require yet another log in with a password (just what i need) and some only deal in money whereas most of the things I lend tend to be books rather than cash. So when the IOUTool came along it was a breath of fresh air. This free 'finance' and 'lending' application lets you keep a record of all your debts, bills and loans as well as material items like that Marvin Gaye book you lent to a friend ages ago and never got back (true story.)
IOU is a multi currency, debt manager application that gives you a place to 'jot down' things that have been borrowed as well as money. It makes it easier to keep a record of any personal debts, bills and loans that may be owed to you. Just think about how much you can save just by remembering all the small amounts of money that you have loaned friends or the split bills that haven't been paid back yet. With IOU...