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Never forget who borrowed your Marvin Gaye book ... or that $20!

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Published 12 Apr 2013

[cont'd] you will not forget about that book you gave someone or who owes you for a lunch. It's even possible to keep track of specific loans and a flatmate' periodic bills all in this single app. You ac access your data with a browser or on the go with Android, iPhone and Windows 8 apps. If you are really serious, you can send notifications for overdue debts and sync with the free mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Windows 8. Share information of your debts with your contacts and, for added security, keep a history of debts that have been repaid debts history.
I don't know how they quite work it out but people who have used this IOUTool have apparently claimed back over US$80 million in unpaid debts from friends. Quite impressive really! This is a very simple and easy to navigate app that gives you a place to put the name of your borrower (or take it from your contacts page, if you like,) a memos area, the due date to repay or return the item by and even a place for recurring debts like a regular vegetable bill or PO box rental. While the free version is perfectly adequate for most people, it's one of the few apps that you will be happy to upgrade your plan to a paid version. Let's face it, you only have to look in that dollar jar in your bedroom to know how...