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Published 3 Dec 2012

With Apple's iPad being the 'flavor of the moment' there is always going to be a lot of speculation about new developments and the tips and tricks of the trade. There are a number of ways of keeping up with the latest gossip surrounding, what has turned out to be, one of Steve Jobs' best legacies. iPadNewsBlog has become the number #1 source of the best information on all things iPad and has been featured recently in publications all over the world including the Wall Street Journal, AppleInsider and MacRumors.
iPadNewsBlog is the premier iPad focused website for iPad news, apps and accessory reviews which has quickly established itself as a leader for iPad news and reviews. This well organized and engaging technology application features sections on accessories, apps, cases, games, news, reviews, rumors as well as an onsite shop. But, it's not just the completeness of information that is going to get iPad users coming back for more. For me it was the quality of the writing that impressed me most. There is nothing like a well written and well researched article to get people to show some loyalty and trust...and to come back for more. While I was there I read articles on how I could become the life and soul of the musical party this Christmas time, how the media were treating the new iPad mini and Read a couple of interesting game reviews and comparisons. It's not all about iPad either...