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Published 3 Dec 2012

[cont'd] There were also articles about Windows 8 and  how iPhone is the preferred device for singles while couples tended to go for iPad - and that was an interesting read. IpadNewsBlog has been featured in MacRumors, Techmeme, Wall Street Journal, Boy Genius Report, AppleInsider, TUAW, 9to5Mac, Gizmodo, Engadget and many other top websites. They are also ranked by Technocrati as a Top 100 InfoTech and Top 100 Gadget blog.
Yeah, of course you can find many of the articles in iPadNewsBlog elsewhere but they have become the #1 source for a pretty good reason. They have produced a well written, all encompassing app that has all the information about your iPad that you can carry around with you just like a magazine. The big difference between this and a magazine, though, is that you won't be chopping down any trees to make it. On the down side, you can't really leave the iPad in the bathroom so you can read the articles as you sit on the toilet. But let's not let ablutions get in the way of a good techno blog and  iPadNewsBlog is precisely that.