Developer description

Like our digital menus, Aptito’s POS system is fully customizable. Our iPad-based cloud solution is accessible from anywhere, meaning that you could be thousands of miles away from your restaurant and see exactly how many tables are filled, what your customers are ordering, and which staff members are currently on schedule.

With extensive inventory and sales reports, a detailed client database, labor scheduling, multiple sales points, and credit card processing, our iPad POS solution is tailor-made to suit your restaurant’s needs.

Save time and money by allowing your establishment to offer state of the art customer service with precise precision,
instantly receive and send orders using our Aptito Communicator app from digital menus to Aptito POS or the kitchen.

Key Features:

* Real Time Reservation System

* Real Time Self Manageable Inventory

* Aptito Communicator (Mobile)

* PCI Compliant

* Split Checks

* Modify Orders

* Automated Delivery/Takeout

* Employee Management/Scheduling

* No Internet Required

* Instant Financial Reports (Global)

* Easy set up & simple to learn

Last updated 3 Dec 2012