Developer description

Manage your iPad and files from command line!
Do you need to check what processes are running on your iPad or how much free disk space you have left? Do you need to edit a text file. Do it with the commands you already know!
Freely inspired by the Unix shell 'bash', ipash gives you a little taste of good old times when using your iPad.
Whether you are a nostalgic, a passionate or simply can't do without command lines, you'll love it!
ipash comes with the most common commands you are used to (ps, ifconfig, cd, cp…) adapted to the iPad environment (and its limitation: no, you won't find a 'kill' command and you won't be able to access the root directory…sorry!).
ipash also takes advantage of the iPad advanced capabilities like gestures, scrolling and so on...


• most common shell commands (Example: ps, ifconfig, free, wget...)
• local file system management (Example: cd, ls, cp, rm...all limited to ipash sandbox)
• Dropbox support (manage your files on Dropbox)
• vi: simple but powerful text editor, allows you to edit your local files.
• two fingers swipe up/down to access the commands history
• two fingers swipe left-to-right to autocomplete the entered text
• pinch to interrupt the execution of a command
• unique ipash commands (Try: ia, maps, mail...)

Last updated 4 Jun 2013

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