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Free up extra space in your wallet by keeping your receipts and loyalty cards digitized and in the cloud using iqBoxy. It is a fast, intelligent and a secure method to store loyalty cards + paper and email receipts. All automated. Real-time. Zero wait time.
WHY USE IQBOXY APP - No need for manual data entry like other apps. Our intelligent & automated engine does all the heavy lifting for you. Your scanned & emailed receipts appear inside the app instantly. Need to change some receipt properties? No worries. All can be done within the mobile app.
- Track your business, personal & family expenses within the same iqBoxy app using Tags and intelligent Places. When ready request a Report to be sent real time to your email address or to your tax agent.
- iqBoxy is your solution to those space hogging plastic Loyalty Cards. Digitize & store them in iqBoxy app. Furthermore, our intelligent system will match your receipts to your Loyalty Cards and also allow you to share them with your spouse or family using Linked Accounts.
Learn more about Loyalty Card storage in iqBoxy app here: and Linking Accounts with your spouse or family here:
- All your receipts in one place digitized and accessible real time for tax, reimbursements, possible return or warranty or to just verify against your credit card transactions.
Can it get better? Yap!- If you use Xero for accounting, you can now have the receipts and meta sent to Xero automatically as expense claim. All automated. Fast and real time. Just like a bookkeeper in your pocket.
Read more here: - Wait, there is more! Not only do we safely store your receipts inside our cloud but we also give you the opportunity to connect iqBoxy to Dropbox or Evernote to sync (backup) your receipts there too. Just like Xero, once you are connected it is all automatic, fast and real time.
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Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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