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Automatic resume reformatting to save recruiters and staffing agencies time and money

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Published 2 Dec 2014

We humans are strange creatures. Once we've made up our mind about something it's darned hard to convince us to do something else. When it comes to business, however, I guess there has to be a regimented regime in place that everyone can understand and relate to. While that applies to much in the business world, you'd think that there wouldn't be much difference in the humble resume, would you? Back in the old days, all you'd have to display were the obvious things like name, address and phone number with a brief description of your working life and previous employers but things have vamped up a bit in the 21st Century. These days, there are potential employers who like to receive their resume information in a style and format structured to their specific wants and needs. This, of course, is a nightmare for recruitment and staffing agencies who spend as much time reformatting and sending out resumes as they do in the thing that they do best - placing people in jobs. iReformat is a comprehensive and fully customizable app that was built to save recruiters both time and money by fully automating the whole resume format problem.
iReformat is the very first, fully automated resume reformatting service for employment recruiters and staffing agencies. This cloud based SAAS application allows the creation of an unlimited number of resume and email templates which, when created, help increase the efficiency and profitability of the staffing agency...