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Automatic resume reformatting to save recruiters and staffing agencies time and money

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Published 2 Dec 2014

[cont'd] By streamlining the whole submission process, iReformat maximizes recruiter efficiency.  When you use iReformat, reformatting a resume is accomplished in just a few clicks, freeing up your schedule to focus on more important tasks. Here's how it works. Your recruiter will have a prospect's resume on file but many companies, these days, like to receive their resume documents in a style and format that fits in with all their others and works within their system. So the diligent recruiter will manually reformat an individual's resume to fit those needs and email. Restructuring resumes is a complicated and time consuming process which can affect your bottom line, and hours can be spent reformatting a resume to look just right. This is time that could have been spent more productively. iReformat’s revolutionary technology enables your recruiters to focus on attracting talent and presenting new prospects to hiring managers with consistent, neatly formatted and clearly branded resumes.
Basically, iReformat is a great little timesaver for recruiters and staffing agencies that's a lot bigger than it looks. The app is clear and easy to navigate and comes with three standard templates for both resumes and emails. These can be completely re-edited to suit your needs or you can create brand new ones to match clients’ needs. The reformatting and submission process is fast and full proof - what used to take half an hour or so can be cut down to mere seconds - and can even be...