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Square up your photos for Instagram without losing the important bits

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iResizer 2.4, a new version of the image resizing and anti-cropping tool. Implementing an ... More

Editor's review

Published 8 Dec 2013

Okay! Okay! Hands up who finds it a severe pain when you have to crop one of your brilliant rectangular photos and transform it into a square in order for it to be accepted in Instagram. That would be damned near all of us, I would think. Either you lose the top of your head or the most impressive part of the shot and most of us just settle for that...but you don't have to. iResizer is an easy to use image resizer and anti-cropping tool that literally 'folds' your rectangular photos so that they appear square without losing the best parts.
Often the only thing that spoils a perfect picture is its sizing. It can be anything from the wrong aspect ratio or that there is simply too much empty space between objects or just a case of bad cropping of the photo in the first place. iResizer is a new version of the image resizing too that works across many different platforms and fixes all such issues. It does this by applying smart algorithms that virtually “folds” a photo - just like you would with a paper picture - so that unwanted objects and unnecessary parts and fragments simply disappear. It takes a more intellectual approach to resizing your rectangular photos and gives you the ability to quickly change the spacing between objects by “folding” to create a perfect square photo. Just select the photo that you want to use, work out its size and aspect ratio and lets you specify the new desired picture format, size and ratio. Simply mark the areas on the photo that you want to preserve and run Instagram resizing. The program does everything else itself automatically.
It’s a plain fact that Instagram only accepts the square photo concept and it's tough luck that the bulk of our photos aren't actually square. So, we either have to crop them as best as we can or lose some of the most important aspects of our photos. But iResizer gives you the ability to change all that by letting you effectively 'fold' the unwanted parts out. Imagine having a rectangular piece of paper with an image on each end. If you concertina the paper in the middle you can keep your images and lose the middle section - rendering the piece of paper square! That is the concept of iResizer. It is an easy-to-use content aware image-resizing tool with low requirements and high potential.

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