Developer description

iResizer 2.3 released by TeoreX offers an easy way to fix many “would have been” shots post factum. The program features an interesting method to resize pictures: it virtually “folds” the image so that some parts of the frame overlap others thus making them invisible. Such an elegant approach allows to easily
shorten a space between objects or persons, hide unwanted pieces of the composition, exclude certain persons from the photo and many more. At the same time both the integrity of the picture and its quality remain intact thanks to smart “folding” algorithm iResizer applies.

In addition to concertina folding of pictures, iResizer offers other image resizing tools as well. With it, changing the aspect ratio of a picture or enlarging the background while keeping foreground objects the same size is a piece of cake. Topped with extremely straightforward interface, the app is an ultimate quick fix solution for easy resizing of photos.

Last updated 13 Jun 2013