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Could this be the new Temple Run?

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Published 5 Apr 2013

[cont'd] And, as with the most popular games, it features bonuses when you use your moves in combinations. Iron Run features  cool but simple graphics but, in all honesty, it's the excitement of the game itself that is going to turn it into a winner.
While there have been a fair few copies of the Temple Run gaming concept, this  game for iPhone, iPod touch and Android Is one of the better ones. Iron Run lives up to its name and, if you are a fan of the 'running' type of game and a fan of robots, then you will enjoy this one. It features a great and intuitive game control that gives you the ability to run, slide, jump and shoot and help the last survivor get out of the futuristic city in the humanoid robot he inhabits before it is destroyed. Iron Run is a cool little game that you will pick up pretty quickly if you are familiar with the Temple Run-style gameplay. And, if you are quick, you can download it now while it's still free.