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Spectacular landscape designs made easy with iScape Free.

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Published 4 Oct 2013

There are quite a lot of free design apps for houses and venues but I don't remember seeing very many that take that concept one step further and let you redesign your yard and garden. iScape Free is a fun and easy way to to create spectacular landscape designs by simply taking a picture of your house and redesigning it to your dream landscape. No more Capability Brown style hand drawn layouts. No more guesswork as to what your finished vision will actually look like. IScape let's you see all of your landscaping possibilities and view a finished image before you spend a cent on the work.
Are you tired with just just a vision in your head of what your garden would look like if you redesigned it?  iScape Free is a very user-friendly yard design application for iOS and Android that allows you to see your landscape options before the work is done and more importantly before the money is spent. You get access to an ever-increasing image database that offers you a wide variety of options. Decide which type of mulch would look better on which side of the garden and work out where a particular tree should be placed? The app is basically a stripped down photo editor that is so easy to use that even your kids will have fun using it and doing their bit to designing their new yard. If they love coloring and painting or just like to be creative they will love this app. And, with an all new redesigned interface for the iPad and iPhone, the app offers the chance to experience incredible HD resolution and heaps of updated features. Use the pen tool for adding or replacing textures like grass, beds and pavers and insert flowers, trees, stone walkways and even patio furniture, if you like.
IScape Free is the perfect landscaping app to give you a pretty good idea what your yard is going to look like when it is redesigned. While the app is available for all the iOS devices and Android it excels beautifully on the iPad and let's you create your space and plan where everything will go and how the colors will look together. Just take a photo (or use one from your library) of the space you want to redesign and you can straight away add things like your green lawn as well as everything from plants and trees to garden ornaments and furniture. Choose from a decent selection of items and rotate them and resize them to make your perfect garden. iScape Free is available in lots of different languages and comes as free and paid versions. While the free version is perfectly adequate for the casual gardener there are heaps more features in the five buck version.

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