Developer description

Island Cart is a modern eCommerce platform that will provide your organization with a state-of-the-art online retail presence quickly and easily. Island Cart uses cloud-based, enterprise-ready solution that will grow with any size business and businesses never need to worry about security or stability.

Empowering Your Agility

Island Cart is easy to use and extend, giving every company the headroom it needs to stay flexible in an ever-changing eCommerce landscape, while capitalizing on new opportunities. Business marketing team can develop and deliver multi-channel plans and promotions on a global scale without getting bogged down in technical details.

Always Improving

Utilizing a cloud-based, hosted platform, Island Cart provides every business with the latest and greatest technological and business process innovations, delivered transparently and efficiently to on their site. Island Cart system functionality improvements are rigorously tested and guaranteed to be robust, so business energies can be directed toward product improvement, not platform maintenance.

Rapidly Scalable, Reliably Secure

Whether the business plan calls for incremental or exponential growth, Island Cart's hosted infrastructure lets businesses expand without worry. Island Cart data centers can support the greatest of traffic spikes while continually providing professional performance, stability and security, so business expansion plans can proceed unimpeded by capacity concerns.

Island Cart is the culmination of years of developing and refining custom eCommerce systems for a diverse and demanding group of clients; Island Cart is confident that it will exceed business expectations. Island Cart was developed by Island Technologies, who continue to provide innovative, custom-built digital solutions for IT consulting clientele.

Last updated 4 Apr 2013