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About IssueVoter:
IssueVoter is a non-partisan platform with a mission to give everyone an equal voice in our democracy by making civic engagement accessible, efficient, and impactful.

IssueVoter helps you make your voice heard in Washington with just one click, and tracks how often your elected officials vote your way – keeping politicians accountable and helping you see whether they are keeping their campaign promises.

Sign up to:
Stay Informed Year Round: Receive targeted alerts before Congress votes on issues you care about – IssueVoter summarizes bills, and offers pros, cons, and related news for context.
Make Your Voice Count: Send your opinion directly to your rep – in just one click.
Keep Politicians Accountable: Track your rep’s votes and bill outcomes – helping you make an informed decision at election time.

How we’re different:
-You can use IssueVoter and share an issue on your favorite social network without revealing your personal opinion.
-No need to download another App; alerts are delivered straight to your inbox and you can vote on bills directly from your email.

How it works:
As the two-party system becomes increasingly polarized, it’s individual issues that matter. With IssueVoter, you start by choosing issues that matter most to you, such as education, healthcare, or technology. Then, you receive alerts right in your inbox whenever there’s a new bill up for vote that matches your interests. We summarize it, offer pros, cons, and related news for context, and one click sends your opinion to your rep. Finally, throughout the year, IssueVoter tracks how often your elected officials vote your way, creating a personalized scorecard and helping you be a more informed voter at election time.

IssueVoter has presented at NY Tech Meetup, won NYC Big Apps, and been featured in Huffington Post Technology and Xconomy, to name a few.

Last updated 23 Nov 2016