Developer description

If you have a bunch of tasks to do, a collection of recipes lying around and a few groceries you need to buy, you can now organize everything in one easy place!

Don't keep lists and information scattered all around and all over your devices. Use iTab to put all your lists and written collections neatly and beautifully into folders. Featuring our cutting edge gesture-based user interface, iTab guides you through making your own personal database with all your information at the tips of your fingers. Fill your folders with whatever data you'd like, and sort it in the easiest way possible. You can print your data, and even generate data reports. You can do mathematical calculations for different fields (Excel style), and can even add photos!

Our easy, intuitive, gesture-based 'touch, drag and it just works' approach to personal Database management pulls the future into today.

iTab 1.0 Features:

- Easy 'Card Stack' File Structure
- Gesture-Based Data Base Creation
- Fully Customizable Data Field Order
- Full iCloud Data Syncing across iDevices
- Sorting Support by Field & Card
- Reports by Alpha and/or Numeric Data
- Basic Math by Field: + - * /
- Average Calculation by Field
- Unlimited Cards Stacks
- On the Fly Field & Data Editing
- One Touch Numeric Editing
- AirPrint Reports w/ Preview
- Modern Design & U/I

Last updated 18 Jan 2013