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What makes this really tough is the reality that the distinction between a "good racquet for you" and a "bad racquet for you" will largely depend on your personal preferences and style of play. And no matter how many articles you read, people you talk to, or years of tennis you have in invested, there is really no way to know whether or not a racquet will be good for you until you have tried it on the court.

This is a problem tennis players have been facing for years this problem is now solved with 's Racquet Selection Wizard.

Skills, Strategy? Luck? Often the right racquet decides, who leaves the court as a winner. One can find the racquet which fits the game now using the iTennis Tennis Racquet Selection Wizard. It only takes a few clicks to determine the kind of game one plays and the racquet that will bring the game to perfection. - an online tennis store located in Bangalore - allows customers to play with the wizard and figure out the best racquet for them before making a decision!

Last updated 14 Jun 2014