Developer description

"Are you SURVIVING or THRIVING? Each day you make a choice. Which will it be today?
Don’t settle for mediocrity. Start thriving today. Make the decision each morning to thrive. You might not feel like you are moving ahead in life. Make a conscious effort to do a little something each day that makes you feel good. Then record how you thrive with this beautifully designed app. Record what you did to thrive today into the journal daily. You can add pictures, share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Show off how you are thriving. Thriving is addictive. Watch how your life changes!
Summary of Features:
• Beautifully designed app journal
• Add photos
• Share via Facebook & Twitter
• Rate your day
• Set times for reminders throughout day
• Change the journal message
• View via calendar
• Search thru past entries
• Sort entries

Start THRIVING today!

Last updated 25 Aug 2014