Developer description

It's Your Skills offers a novel solution for mapping of skills in a standardized manner. It offers web services on Skills Library and Profiling (SLP). SLP is a combination of a skills library and a frontend application for profiling of skills. The skills library is an exhaustive dynamic library of skills covering all functions and domains. Currently there are over 120K skills classified and organized in a manner so as to profile skills in a comprehensive, holistic and in-depth manner. The skills profiling frontend is an easy to use intuitive application. This skills profiling can be used in different contexts, for example, creation of skills profile of individuals (in lieu of say resumes), creation of job profiles (in lieu of unstructured job descriptions) and more. The SLP is available as a web service that developer in the HR tech (HRMS/HRIS/Job Boards)can use to create skills-centric applications for recruitment, performance management, resource management, skills analytics and more.

Last updated 29 Apr 2015

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