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Published 24 Feb 2014

[cont'd] as being able to place outbound calls and plenty more. IVR also let's you search and find any phone number in any area code, set up custom flow charts for all your phone numbers and even change the voice response depending on who is calling you. It’s remarkably easy to set up and manage your voicemail system simply by dragging and dropping your individual phone stations' into the relevant flow. You can check your voicemail on the go and call the customer back directly to the number that they called from. The use of IVR and voice automation allows callers' queries to be resolved without the need for queueing and incurring the cost of a live conversation. If callers do not find the right information and need further assistance, their calls can be transferred to a real person making a far more efficient system. Your workers then have more time to deal with more complex calls and don't have to deal with basic inquiries that require simple yes or no responses or obtaining customer details.
IVR Designer gives smaller business (as well as larger ones) the opportunity to have a controlled phone system that works more efficiently and gets calls to the right person. This, of course, saves time and money - something every business is trying to achieve. The beauty of this app, though, is its sheer simplicity. Rather than hiring a phone company to re route all your incoming calls, IVR let's you...