Developer description

Jade is a beautiful journal app which you can use as a diary of your memories, emotions and thoughts easily. Add your moods throughout the day easily with just one touch without even opening the app.

Jade allows you to do the following:
★ Easily add entries from notification without opening the app
★ Add location, thoughts and notes to each mood entry
★ View interesting statistics on your entries on any date range
★ Easily backup and restore everything anytime you want
★ Set reminders so that you never forget to make an entry
★ Increase your security by enabling App Lock
★ Highlight your favorite memories
★ Add your thoughts in the form of color coded notes

Privacy is very important to us. Jade doesn't collect or store any personal data. All your entries, memories and thoughts are completely yours and no one can view them in any form

Last updated 21 Feb 2019

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