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Published 5 Apr 2014

A few years ago i was running a DVD store and a couple of the more regular visitors were an American guy and his daughter. They were incredibly friendly and always ready for a chat but I always had the feeling that there was a backstory to them that I could never figure out. Then a movie was released that detailed the life of a real life mob figure who had been put into witness protection with his daughter. Within a couple of days, they were gone and I never saw them again. Now I'm not necessarily saying that my two chatty neighbors had mob connections but it would have been easy to work it out if I'd had an app like this one on my mobile. JailBase - Arrests and Mugshots is a free app where you can search through millions of fully filterable arrest records and mugshots or use facial recognition technology to find out who you are dealing with.
Jailbase is a user-friendly and totally free app where you can browse recent US arrests, search through jail inmates and view county mugshots all in one place. You can search through millions of arrest records - updated on a daily basis and, in some cases, every hour - and searches can be filtered by gender, race, US counties or date. You can search for people you know using facial recognition by simply taking a photo of them on your device. Jailbase will then search their database for matches. If you feel the need, original mugshots can be purchased and emailed directly to you. The developers collect thousands of items of public data from hundreds of sources throughout the United States on a daily basis and make it available to you quickly and conveniently in one place.
For developers, JailBase has a free API that can be used to provide arrest information on their website or application. They also have easy to use widgets and rss feeds that you can place on your website or blog. Finally, unlike the other sites, JailBase does not accept money to remove records from the site. In fact, we have never accepted money to remove records. If there s a legitimate reason for your name not to be visible, they will remove it - free of charge - within 30 days.
Jailbase describes itself as 'arrest information for the people.' Established in 2010 they provide a fast and easy-to-use service detailing arrest information - allowing the general public, family and friends - not to mention victims of crime - to search for and get notified of arrested individuals. While there are a number of similar services available, this one seems better than most as they focus on transparency, reliability and a very fast service. Unlike many of the others, Jailbase literally aggregates thousands of new records a day - and it does this EVERY day - adding up to a huge, up-to-date database of suspected criminals. They also provide a copy of the original source for every record they post. Jailbase isn't some shonky, fly-by-night company. It's the one that many of the professionals use.

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