Developer description

Jalpah is an One-on-One Chat & Play App, with absolute privacy.

Perhaps, Jalpah is the ONLY Chat App today with built-in one-on-one games.

Choose a name for yourself in Jalpah (Full / Short / Nick name) and move on. Connect with friends - No phone number or email ID required - use Jalpah name. Your Personal data is not stored in any server. All data is stored on your phone/device only.

Chat with friends and/or invite them for a game (3 Games and 2 Math). Play Tic-Tac-Toe, Snakes & Ladders (Indian flavor) or Draughts (Checkers).

Simple Math and Higher Math Challenges are too available. Chat & Play games with different friends at the same time.
Send a photo, voice, file or a doodle as attachments to friends.

A unique chat & play App, with absolute privacy.

Jalpah means "casual discussion" in Sanskrit.

Last updated 17 Aug 2015