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Developer description

"Much more than a simple phrasebook!" - AppAdvice.com Perfect for those just starting out with Japanese. Designed for those with little or no Japanese knowledge, this iPhone app has over 2,700 audio files of Japanese phrases recorded by a professional native voice actress. Many phrases have cultural notes to make this audio phrase ebook all the more useful. The lesson section has HUNDREDS of pages on hiragana, katakana, grammar, and more. PLUS EVERY Japanese found on the pages has a sound file that plays when tapped. Although this will be helpful for those traveling in Japan, it isn't designed to be a travel phrasebook, but a conversation phrasebook. It is best for those who want to quickly learn conversational Japanese with correct pronunciation. The words and phrases encountered here are among the most used in everyday conversational Japanese. "I have tried most Japanese apps on the app store, and this is one of only two that I keep. This one offers vocab and lessons, the other I keep is a dictionary. Extremely useful with frequent updates. Highly recommended." --a user in the U.K. "Fantastic depth, so much to learn. Far better than those over priced apps that teach just one aspect. This is a really good and surprisingly comprehensive beginners course." --a user review

Last updated 1 Dec 2011