Developer description

Japes icon pack allows to customize your Android smartphone's homescreen: it comes with colorful icons with different shapes for a vibrant look.

Japes icon pack dedicated app, based on Jahir Fiquitiva's Blueprint dashboard, offers you useful and cool functionalities:

- Quickly and easily apply Japes icon pack to your smartphone's home screen.
- Search and preview the available icons by category: Communication, Entertainment, Social, Tools, Travel and more.
- Request the Japes treatment for apps that don't have a corresponding Japes icon yet. In the meanwhile, the "Popular" category contains icons specifically designed to suit various kinds of apps.
- Customize your experience further with Japes original wallpapers for home and/or lock screen.
- Choose your favorite theme for the Japes app itself: light, dark or black.

Last updated 9 Nov 2020

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