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Published 21 Apr 2012

With the recent acquisition of Instagram by Mr Zuckerberg's all consuming Facebook organization we can expect to see a lot more photo editing applications on the market - as if there aren't enough already. However, the extremely cool looking Jazz could well be the one to make the big leap forward. This powerful photoshare and photo editor for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone puts it's considerable hand up by offering unlimited photo stylings for the interested amateur yet provides plenty of unique features to make even the most hardened pro sit up and take notice.
Jazz is a powerful photo editing application that stands out from the crowd by giving users an unlimited number of photo styles at the touch of a button whilst also allowing seasoned image tweekers to have complete control of every feature of their photo as users can refine the look of their photos manually if they so choose. While similar photo editors like Instagram and Hipstamatic have captured all the attention because of their simplicity I tend to favor slightly more complex ones like PhotoToaster because it gives me more options and, to be quite honest, Jazz goes one step further than my faithful 'Toaster' by offering more of everything. More styles, more borders and more effects with pre prepared categories like grunge, modern, retro and vintage but the 15 powerful filters mean there isn't much you can't do to add an extra edge to your photos. The extremely elegant Jazz interface is given an added classy touch by naming many of the styles after famous jazz musicians, which I find quite endearing and very cool. When you have transformed your photo into a piece of photographic art you can easily upload it to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.
I find it quite ironic that I often scan old photographs and modernize their look with a photo editor when Facebook just shelled out a billion on an app that can make your new photos look old - but that's another story. If you upload photos onto Facebook regularly then you will know some of the problems that crop up and know exactly why they invested in Instagram. What we have here with Jazz... is a very powerful photo editor with virtually unlimited options that will appeal to the Instagram crowd as well as to the more exacting customer. I am going to find it extremely hard not to use Jazz... for my photo editing in the future as it is clearly up there with the best. Oh, and the's one other thing that may convince you - your photos don't have to be square!

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