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Published 24 May 2012

A picture says a thousand words is how the epithet goes but, in Twitter's case, you would have to reduce it to 140 characters or less, of course. Jellibug is a photo application that gathers all the pictures that celebrities of all types post on their Twitter accounts and presents them all for you to view. So now you don't have to rush out and buy that gossip magazine that you really only buy because of the pictures anyway.
Justin Bieber, Rhianna, Chris Brown, Jenna Marbles, Tori Spelling,  Kristen Bell,  Christiano Ronaldo or Shaun White..they are all here. Whether it is musicians, fashion, comedy, film stars, sports people or Internet celebs you are after, you will more than likely find their personally posted photos here. Jellibug takes photos that popular actors, models, athletes, musicians and comedians post on Twitter and puts them in one location where they can be filtered and sorted. Now we are not talking REALLY personal photos here though I'm sure there is a place you can go to find those too. Jellibug posts all the official photos and screenshots put out by the artists. It might be a series of Instagram shots from Rhianna or a red carpet photo from Kristen Bell or a cake that Justin Bieber's mom made. They are delivered in a constant stream for the viewer's amusement.
Jellibug is a whole heap of fun for the celebrity voyeur in all of us. You might say that you don't care too much what these overpaid put out through their Twitter accounts but you sure are going to look when Angelique pulls a pose like the one she did at the Academy Awards this year. This free photo app shows you all the stuff the gossip mags give you and more. Capture the good ones and put them on your Facebook account too, if you like.

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