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Speed is of the essence when it comes to tackling the stock market. Jiffy symbolizes speed and that has been the aim of the team behind it, to provide a superlative “Trade Easy, Trade Fast” experience. Jiffy backed by Choice Group, a financial services conglomerate with more than 25 years of experience in the financial services sector.

Apart from speed and stability, Jiffy is a thoroughbred to fit any type of Investor or trader.

Shows the status of the market, your investments, research report, and trade or navigate to other sections from there. It truly is - One Screen for Everything!

Smart Search:
Search for equities, commodities, currencies, futures, and options with a universal search feature. Smart shortcuts like Add to Watchlist and Price Alerts.

Select as default any of these languages Hindi – Gujarati – Marathi – Malayalam apart from English.

Watchlist with Filter:
Add up to 50 scrips each in 5 Watchlists. Unique Watchlist filters are provided to Narrow, arrange or find a particular within that Watchlist group.

Free Research:
Get comprehensive Fundamental and Technical Research by expert analysts for free.

GTD Orders - Two regularly used features for day traders - Good till Cancelled (GTC) and Good till Date (GTD) orders.

Swipe Navigation:
Use your natural swiping style for better trading. Jiffy has swipe navigation all the way through various screens for quicker navigation.

Real-time Charts:
Add smart chart studies for in-depth scrip analysis; what’s more, user can directly

BUY or SELL from the chart.

Dark Theme:
For users who prefer dark background for trading.

Fingerprint and Face Id(IOS) for Login and more security

The list goes on. Continual innovation by the team is the reason Jiffy has been well received across the spectrum of traders and investors alike.

Last updated 14 Sep 2020

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