Developer description

JigoCloud is a cloud based inventory management system with integrated web based POS and eCommerce provider. It aims to fuse your brick-and-mortar business with your online store, using a single retail solution. Managing stock shouldn’t be complicated. With JigoCloud, it’s easy to know exactly what you have in stock at all times, transfer inventory and place orders with your vendors.
We have support for manufacturing companies allowing you to configure the Bill of Materials (BOM) for your manufactured items and manage inventory on the raw materials required to produce them. Our inventory management system allows you to add and search for inventory by using barcode scanners and allows you to generate PDF's of purchase orders and invoices .
Our order management system is intuitive and state of the art. It allows you to receive real-time notifications on any orders made so you can action them immediately
You can Pick, Pack , Invoice and Ship individual items in an order as soon as they are ready
We also aim to solve your cash flow problems by managing invoices, payments & expense. You can add part payments or deposits and keep track on monies owed daily by running financial sales reports
Our software can be used by any small to medium sized business who needs to keep track of their stock.
We provide software for retailers, warehouses, manufacturing companies and distributors
With our scheduling and appointment module we can also provide solutions for spas & salons, cleaning companies & garages.

Last updated 26 Dec 2016

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