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Jinggling makes simple, cheap and clear international calls right from your Android phone. TRY ... More

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Published 17 Mar 2013

Sometimes it makes you wonder how telephone companies actually make any money these days. It seems that with the technological advances available to us in the 21st Century there are newer, better and cheaper ways of getting your message through and you can get a great deal on pretty well any type of phone call you want to make. Every kid on the block has Viber on their phone and there are plenty more that attempt to fulfil the same service but their main problem lies in the many dropouts that occur.  So here we have another phone app to throw into the hat. jinggling is a new app for the US that uses a slightly different connection method and offers simple, cheap and clear international calls directly from your Android.
jinggling makes simple, cheap and clear international calls right from your Android phone. You can dial international numbers directly from your Android dialer using the  "011" or "+" prefix or, alternatively, dial direct from your contact book, your history or your favorites lists. You don't need an access number or a PIN or password but the big news with jinggling is that it's very cheap. Most countrries cost less than 3c/minute with no connection fee and no hidden charges - what you see is what you get. jinggling use the most premium routes and carry your caller ID which is great for business. Instead of using data to connect you, jinggling dials a domestic number to route international calls - hence, more reliable connections and a much more consistent quality.
It seems the only reason that most of rack up the dollars on overseas calls is because we are not aware how easy it is to avoid them. The first time I heard about Viber I figured it must be something illegal but there are ways to route overseas calls that us mere mortals are still trying to come to terms with, it seems. jinggling uses a different routing method to many others and ensures that, rather than paying through the roof for an international call, you can pay a minimal amount without losing the quality of service. It you want to try it out you can use the dollar credit option and, if you recommend the app to friends you will get a twenty buck bonus for the privilege. Let's face it, this is the future of international phone calls. Be the first on your block to get jinggling.

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