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Jipio is a platform for friendly transactions. A marketplace for friends to trade and borrow ... More

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Published 8 Sep 2014

Have a look around you. I bet you have a ton of stuff that works perfectly well and yet you don't use very much - if at all. Most households are the same. We've all got useful stuff that is just taking up space in our homes. Your nextdoor neighbor or the family down the road probably have the same situation. The fact is, when we need something like a circular saw or a bicycle or a microwave, we just go out and buy a new one rather than asking if our neighbors have one that we can buy or borrow. It might be good for business but it's not particularly fiscally responsible nor is it good for our planet. Jipio is a new buy, sell and lend application for Android and iOS that provides a platform for social transactions. You can post your own items or check to see what your social friends have that you need. Then you can negotiate to either purchase or borrow an item rather than splashing out on a brand new one.
Many of us have lots of things stashed away that we don’t need but they are a bit too valuable to us to simply throw out. We could sell them, of course, but some of us feel a little strange about selling stuff online - especially to total strangers on Craigslist or Ebay. So, to make it easier, the Jipio developers have created a new social network that becomes a...