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Lend or trade your stuff with your social friends

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Published 8 Sep 2014

[cont'd] marketplace for friendly transactions and enables friends to trade or borrow stuff from each other - simply and easily. This smartphone app makes it easy to snap, tag and add items that you are prepared to part with but, in contrast with many other online marketplaces, Jipio doesn't force the user into making just one kind of transaction. There's no limit to what you can offer - as long as it’s legal! People in Jipio have shared everything from cars and houses as well as more esoteric things like your skills or your time. You might want to hold on to the item for later use and be happier to lend it rather than going the whole hog and 'out-and-out' selling it. In which case, you can easily set up a 'lend' status for that particular item and see if any of your Jipio friends might want to borrow it.
There are quite a few of these online micro-marketplaces turning up all over the place these days. Many take advantage of Facebook's vast audience and turn into what is virtually an Ebay for the social community. You can log into Jipio through your Facebook account if you wish or sign in independently and it's easy to post photos of the stuff that you are willing to trade or lend and add a few details about them. Jipio says that it's turning everyday transactions into meaningful encounters and that is a good way to look...