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Published 30 Nov 2011

Trying to get a new job is a tough business in these tricky financial times. Gone are the days when you could just scour the newspaper and rock up for an interview unfortunately. Job seeking in the noughties (Ed - errrr, they finished a while back...this must be the teenies?) requires you to be well prepared and even better researched if you want to give it your best shot. Job-Buddy is a free employment organize app that contains all the tools and skills to find the perfect job and all the tricks in the book to help you to succeed in your job search. Job-Buddy makes it easy to track your job opportunities, manage your documents, get career advice and share you experiences with others.

Job-Buddy is a very simple to use tool to aid your employment search. You do have to have a Google Docs account but that only takes a few seconds to set up. Then you can start putting in information about jobs you'd like to apply for and jobs you have also applied for and it's easy to add job opportunities you find on the internet with one click. Having worked closely with employment agencies for some time I can attest that Job-Buddy follows all the latest ideas on job searching that could put you one step ahead of other job seekers. Keep track of the job opportunities you've found all in one place. There are areas for you to list any jobs you are applying for with room for all the information required as well as any notes you care to add. It's easy to manage your cover letters and resumes easily with the many document templates. People often ask how does Job-Buddy make money? Or alternately, how could this be free? The answer is the site makes money by charging career counselors to advertise in the career counselor directory. If you need specialist advice you can click on one of the councelors and pay for advice from experts in their field. However, there is copious amounts of free advice here too as there are tips and tricks for every stage of the job search. You can even share ideas and get support from other job seekers who are just like you by starting a topic and responding to questions.

Job-Buddy is an all encompassing app that gives you heaps of background on how to job search, how to create resumes and cover letters and everything else to give you that extra edge. It's a sad state of affairs but with so many old school businesses going down the tube these days that there are many people out there who haven't had to find a new job for the last fifteen years and are totally out of touch with modern job searching methods. Job-Buddy fills in all those gaps with a simple and easy to use fast and free app that it would be silly to ignore.

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