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Editor's review

Published 3 Nov 2011

If you’ve just got your tech business up and running and are looking for good staff the last thing you probably need is the expense of using an agency to find them. The problem of course is that you’re a technical wizard and not a professional recruiter so the choice is definitely Murphy’s.

Well it used to be but with you can now publish a job online within minutes and post it to the leading job boards specialising in the IT industry such as SimplyHired and What’s more it will look like a professional has produced it.

Jobpage only deal in technical and marketing jobs so you’ll not be getting a "one size fits all service" and the support starts right at the beginning.

If you’re new to recruiting don’t worry there is help all along the way. By entering the vacant role you can also tick relevant disciplines that apply. With this information the system will not only give you tips on writing a good job description but will also show you a list of skill-based questions for the application form. Job pages can be branded with your own logo and email and on screen response settings can be personalized to enhance the profile and image of the business.

As well as posting jobs to the top IT Job boards you can of course optimize your social networks and spread the job vacancy via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There is also a widget available to enable you to have a careers page on your own website.

The site makes it easy to keep everything in one place and the dashboard will allow you to track applicants, capture their CV’s and LinkedIn profiles and also rank them in order of preference ready for an interview shortlist. With a task list to keep you on track the process of getting good people on board will certainly be simplified and for a fraction of the cost an agency would charge.

This is not just site for connecting people who have a vacancy with people who might just have some of the skills required but are willing to take a punt. The advice and guidance along the way should ensure that whoever applies will tick all of the boxes.

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