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PowerCam™, which is the most versatile camera app, has achieved over 12 million downloads ... More

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Published 7 May 2012

Okay now, listen up people. This is an app to recommend to friends. You can't beat a good photo warping app can you. There are so many of them around these days and most offer something a little different. There's Instagram, of course as well as a couple of recent ones that I love - namely Photo Toaster and Jazz. Powercam  is a new and free social photo and video warping application for iPhone that features over fifty effect filters that work for both your photos and your videos. After you have created your masterpiece you can easily share it on your favorite social network.
PowerCam  is the most versatile of camera applications and has achieved over 12 million downloads to date. There are five spotlights that make PowerCam stand out. For a start there are over 50 effects, frames and filters that work for both photos and videos. You can preview them in real-time so you know exactly what they look like before you send them out to amaze and thrill your friends. That means, unlike most photo warping apps, you can set up and shoot before and as you shoot with effects so you dont have to wait to see what it looks like later and for the inspiration to go away. Take in life's moments, add magic and share them on Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube and more. There are a number of specific eye-catching effects. Four Seasons delivers nature's change in the...