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Published 18 Oct 2011

Many people these days share the ownership of a large value asset and it makes sense to spread the cost of something that you’re not going to use 24/7, 365 days of the year. Jointli gives boat ownership as an example but it can equally apply to a vacation home or perhaps for the more adventurous even a racehorse!

If you’re getting into bed with friends or family then you’ll probably feel comfortable about their integrity. If this isn’t the case though you’ll need to get some background checks done and Jointli can kick the process off and follow it up with a customized co-ownership agreement that can be printed and signed by everyone involved.

The site doesn’t just act as a place for already formed groups of owners but as a meeting point for anyone looking to get involved as well. A search function will allow you to find potential opportunities by simply entering the type of asset you’re interested in and linking with likeminded people.

Once a group has been established and the agreement is in place Jointli can pretty much take all of the hassle of managing the asset out of the equation. From making sure reservations and usage are dealt with fairly and essential maintenance and repairs are flagged through to tracking and monitoring individual owners expense and task obligations.

The system is truly collaborative and owners can use it as a discussion forum and to vote on any issues raised. It also acts as a central hub for any important partnership documents which can be stored as attachments and also as a directory of useful contacts.

Signing up to search for opportunities is free of charge and will be forever. The full service is also available for free during Beta following which it will be subject to a low monthly fee. Free or not the system gives a good deal of security and organization for those involved in co-ownership.



A very comprehensive app that ties up the legal issues and then makes sure usage, workload and expenses are dealt with fairly and efficiently.

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