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Contribute your funny videos, pictures and any news worthy content and start earning cold hard ... More

Editor's review

Published 10 Nov 2011

This is a site that promises much in the way of earning cash but it’s probably a good idea to consider how you make it before you start staging funny situations and capturing them on your video. And unless you reside in the US, Canada, Australia, UK and other EU countries you’ll not be able to take part anyway but I can’t imagine too many people crying over that to be honest.

The basic idea is simple enough. Sign up for an account and upload videos or pictures which should fall into the categories cute, funny or interesting. You will get $5 just for signing up but it then becomes a little more complicated to earn any more although the site does say that most users make $250 a month!

To earn $10 for your entry it has to make the front page of the site and to do this it will have to have received a number of "Reactions" from other users or even yourself although you are limited to 5 a day. You’ll earn 10c for each reaction. You can also earn 10c by clicking on the Facebook like button. Once your Oscar winner has managed 25 reactions it stands a 90% chance of making the front page however there is no explanation as to what the 10% of doubt might be for.

The easiest earner in my book is the ˈrefer a friendˈ feature where you’ll get $15 for every successful one and pay-out comes via PayPal once your account has a balance of $50.

Some cynics might ask how the site makes money and their terms and conditions might provide the answer to that. When you sign up you’re basically giving all rights to publish it anywhere they like on a syndication basis. It’s likely that there’s a bit more than the odd $10 available for that activity.

I admit I’m struggling to get my head round the number of video uploads you’d have to make plus the constant clicking on the react button to get anywhere near $250 a month. Perhaps a few genuine testimonials from users might get me over that issue. For now though I’ll stick with the endless TV programmes showing viewers "genuine" video howlers!

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