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Subseed introduces a fresh new way to ‘make and send’ birthday messages with the Jolly Talker Birthday app. Talk it up, have some fun, and sing a song.nFor extra laughs, your recorded birthday message is delivered by the Jolly Talker birthday bear in a squeeky helium voice! Your message also features a delicious cupcake, with an age candle of your choice on top.

Show or send your awesome message to the birthday person. When they receive it, they’ll be thrilled! They can even blow out the candles to make a wish!

*Create- A quirky birthday message. Includes cupcake, candles, and record function.
*Send- Birthday messages to family and friends, young and old! There are number
candles from 1-100.
*Inbox- Receive and store your birthday messages. Also, includes a password to keep them safe!
*Upgrade- For unlimited sends, and a choice of ten delicious cupcakes!

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Last updated 30 Apr 2012

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