Developer description

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a day’s to-dos? Well then Jot is the elegant simplification your busy life has been looking for. Jot is the one shop solution and simplest way to facilitate a boost of productivity in your life.

Jot can achieve this because it doesn’t attempt to do a lot, but what Jot accomplishes is done in a simple, refined package that doesn’t distract from its main goal: provide beautiful lists and a robust task manager to help wrangle in your hectic schedule.

With just a few taps of the screen, one can create a new list or task as well as add or delete items from the list or task. In addition, Jot allows you to set reminders for your tasks within the app.

With its simple and hassle free design, Jot combines multiple apps into one and makes for the most efficient way to keep track of daily events/dates and hectic thoughts. As long as you have your phone with you, your thoughts and to-dos are always right in your pocket.

Jot provides:
- Easy to use, yet expansive Lists
- A simple, yet robust Task manager
- Built in Reminders
- A decluttered, intuitive interface

Last updated 6 Jul 2017

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