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Forget paper forms. JotForm lets you gather information on your mobile device - online or offline

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Published 19 Jun 2019

[cont'd] method. Mind you, you might not need to create anything new as there are over 5000 pre-built forms to choose from including registrations, applications, orders, contacts and sign ups as well as your regular survey forms. 

This is an app that's filled with features that will let you digitize all your forms and surveys, saving an awful lot of time as well as money. You'll be able to generate, view and edit any number of forms whenever you like and from anywhere you like while you collect and manage your data as you go. You can review your submissions whether you have an Internet connection or not and the app will automatically sync your data as soon as you are online again. There are many ways of capturing data including GPS location, QR code and barcode scanner, voice, photo and signature. 

If you are looking to use your device for capturing submissions at a trade show, a conference or if you are gathering people's details at a fundraising event you can turn your device into a mobile kiosk. What's more, you can keep on collecting multiple form and survey submissions without losing any of your device's privacy. Each response that you get can be set up to receive instant push notifications which can be enabled or disabled whenever you like. Forms can be shared and assigned to specific team members via email, text, Facebook, Slack and LinkedIn so they can be...