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Journalized is a beautiful new journal app for the iPhone. It features the three important ... More

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Published 30 Jun 2012

Whatever happened to the daily diary? It used to be fantastic to read through someone's (or your own) daily journals many years later and discovering the way life was back then. Journalized is a journal application for iOS that fulfills the three basic elements of an online journal diary. Somewhere to write your thoughts each day, somewhere to put your photographic memories and somewhere to put your videos of precious moments and events. But that's not all. This free app also features a library for photos and videos, a calendar and a multimedia browser to make it easier to control everything with your fingertips.
Journalized is a beautiful new journal app for the iPhone that features the three most important elements that should make up a journal app. The ability to create an entry for any date so you can fill in events from the past and places for  your photos and videos. The iPhone is a multimedia device and some entries just need photos or video to be complete. It's easy go scroll through every entry you've ever written and read them in full with each entry displayed in a way that is tailored to it. Additional features include being able to save the photos and videos you have taken with the app to your library. There's a calendar so you can see which days you've missed and quickly skip back to something that happened months ago. View in detail to see each entry on it's own and tap to skip between entries? There's also a full screen multimedia browser so you can pinch, pan and swipe through your photos and videos.
There are plenty of journal apps around but many only allow you to write just a few lines per day and there certainly aren't too many where you can illustrate your words with photos and videos. Journalized was designed out of the developer's frustration at various other online  journal apps not quite delivering  what was considered essential in an app of this sort. It concentrates on its core issue of words, photos and videos and delivers it in an eye-catching interface that is easy to use. If its a down to earth journal app with no pretensions, bells and whistles that you want then Journalized certainly fits the bill with ease.

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