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jQuery SliderShock is the most complete jQuery and WordPress slider ever. Some of its features: ... More

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Published 12 Nov 2012

So...hands up all of you who know what a jQuery Slider is.  Yes, I thought so - not many of you unless you are a web designer. Well, I'll tell you then, shall I? Funnily enough, it is one of the most used elements of web design these days and is a great help to designers who want to display lots of content in a small space. The jQuery Slider Shock is capable of presenting both images and videos that are hosted locally or from external sources like RSS, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Flickr, Twitter and Instagram and presents them in a groovy little package on your page. Now, of course, you could do this manually if you want to, but then you would have to have a Phd in web design to achieve it. JQuery Slider Shock is a much easier solution.
jQuery SliderShock has been launched by the team behind WP Theme Generator and iconshock and is a quality and comprehensive presentation pack to create  jQuery and WordPress content sliders. Content sliders are one of the most useful elements of today's web design and are used regularly when there is limited space and lots of content to display. It features over 30 different effects and skins and is the perfect display model to keep your external data sources on your website. Effects include some great, original and very creative ones which can be customized by slicing images, adding delay or changing speed. Captions and HTML...