Developer description

Doing business reports in enterprise is always big pain for developers. The existing tools are usually limited by some proprietary WYSIWYG editor for some proprietary xml formats. Basically it is hard getting report to look the way you want. What is even worse you need to write helper functions in languages like c# or java which means you need to recompile your project when you are changing them.

jsreport comes with different innovative way how to do business reports right. It does not provide any super fancy WYSIWYG editor. Developers just code the whole report. They are not limited by anything and they can make the report look exactly the way they want it to. What is even better, they just use javascript together with templating engines to define it. This means they don’t need to learn much, and they don’t need to compile anything.

jsreport is safely running script defining report in nodejs and printing the output. Developers can choose how the script output is transformed into final report. For example they can simply choose to let jsreport to transform simple html output into pdf. This means developers can very productively define dynamic html using javascript templating engine and print the report into pdf. This is very effective way to do any report you can think of.

You can start right away doing reports in free jsreport playground, you can also download it on premise to your server or you can register for cloud based jsreport online.

Last updated 12 Apr 2014

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