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More fun than a box full of Karaoke machines

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ukeboxer is a free iPhone app that is a new interactive music experience to play and have fun ... More

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Published 14 Feb 2013

Jukeboxer is an hilarious interactive music app that will have you in stitches. With a name like Jukeboxer, you might be fooled into thinking this is yet another basic music player. However, this is an app that isn't just about listening to music. It encourages the listener to participate and record their version of a song and share it with the world. Don't worry too much if you don't have a great voice or are on the shy side because the app features a neat little Voice Filter to make it sound great.
Jukeboxer is a free iPhone app that is part game and part musical challenge. It is a brand new interactive music experience to play with and have fun with your friends. Jukeboxer gives you previews of familiar songs and gives you the option of adding Voice Filters to inspire you to record your interpretation of any number of different songs. Then it gives your friends and other Jukeboxers a chance to guess the song. It’s a way to interact with other lovers of music in a way that’s not just listening. If you have musical talent, share it with the world, if you’re a hesitant singer, you can use the  Voice Filter to make you voice sound awesome - just like the professionals do. Challenge your friends to head-to-head competitions and even wager a few coins on who is going to come out on top. become a judge yourself in the Challenge feature to...