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More fun than a box full of Karaoke machines

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Published 14 Feb 2013

[cont'd] get inspired and hear cool new takes on songs. Add your friends from Facebook or invite them by Twitter, SMS or Email. Jukebox at your own pace and either enjoy your favorite hit songs with one of a hundred friends or discover new buddies. New songs are added constantly so there is heaps of  great new music to discover while having fun with your friends. Start as many rounds as you want with a selection of themed playlists or a custom playlist of your own favorite music.
There have been a few cover version applications that have been released over the last year or so. They are probably inspired by the plethora of talent shows like The Voice, X-Factor and the various Idols as well as the phenomena that is Glee. But there hasn't been one that has the potential of this one. It's social karaoke for the application generation. Jukeboxer is heaps of fun, easy to use and, even if you sound more like Maradona then you do Madonna you can use the effects filters to make your voice sound palatable. Challenge your friends, vote on other contributors and hear great new versions of your favorite songs for free.