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Published 14 Sep 2011

For every freelancer there’s probably a hundred Excel pages containing different information cluttering up their system. Add to that the Word documents for estimates and other correspondence necessary to run a business and it’s not difficult to get an idea of the time wasted trying to pull it all together.

Built specifically for freelancers, jumbotask.com will give you all the tools you need to streamline your working practises in one place. With three price options to choose from as well it won’t break the bank.

The basic plan is free and if you only work for one client and handle no more than 10 leads a month will do a perfectly good job for you. Lead and client capacity increase with the starter and jumbo plans at $5 and $15 a month respectively. The jumbo plan offers unlimited lead and client numbers and 2GB of file storage space as well.

If you think of the stages involved from project lead to completion, and the record keeping necessary to make sure it not only goes smoothly but gets billed correctly too, this app has it all covered. Lead tracking moves seamlessly to quote and estimate creation and these can be instantly turned into invoices for successful outcomes. Every element relating to the client can be easily tracked including billable hours and product purchases making sure the eventual invoice misses nothing out.

The site also comes with a payment portal allowing clients to settle by PayPal or credit card, and by...