Developer description

Jungle Monkey Run 2 is a free 2D Adventure run. It is the second piece of our best platformer game "Jungle Monkey Run" that crossed 1 million downloads in Google Play.

The story starts as a Monkey Kong was living in a jungle cheerfully with its children having a lot of bananas. One day an irate feathered creature takes our monkey Kong's child with a group of bananas and flies to the dino jungle. This game comprises of 4 universes with 24 arranges that contain plot turns and proceeded by 1 unique water world including loads of fishes and mines submerged. All together Jungle Monkey Run 2 make the best game of the month. Furthermore, powerups and the impacts make the gameplay energizing and addictive.

Our little Kong needs run into the jungle and swing through vines and take bananas to achieve the monkey kid. Monkey needs to take all bananas in a jungle to keep the vitality level high,

There are 80 foe creatures which will endeavor to obstruct our little Kong' s run. Our little monkey needs to bounce on the creatures to slaughter them. There will be a King Kong and a mammoth holding up to enable our monkey's enterprise to trip.

One touch gameplay influences this experience to run simple to play notwithstanding for kids.

We have joined the best designs and sounds to make this platformer run gameplay marvelous.


1. One touch gameplay appropriate for all including kids.

2. Incorporates Run, Jump, and Swing.

3. Have 4 universes with 24 phases [jungle, dino, sea, fantasy].

4. Have 80 foes and banana to get vitality.

5. Have 4 mood melodies and diverse sounds for adversaries.

6. Have 3 powerups and hearts.

7. Have consummately outlined sea world with 20 distinct fishes.

8. Bolster SD card establishment

Extraordinary! Download now!

What's more, appreciate this jungle monkey experience!!

Last updated 24 Mar 2018

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