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From question/answer to debates to polls, users on Junglr can learn and share information with ... More

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Published 5 Mar 2012

Need an answer to a sticky question fast? You could go to places like Quora, Stack Overflow or Yahoo Answers but why not try this much more social Q&A application Junglr. Here is a place where you can ask your questions, take your place in debates and polls and learn and share information with social friends and the rest of the world. Junglr then turns your queries into a gamifying experience by awarding points to 'buy' all sorts of stuff.
Junglr is a new question and answer site built around speed and usability. From the simple act of Q&A to debates and polls, users on Junglr can learn and share information with one another. The big difference between this and other Q&A websites like Quora, Stack Overflow and Yahoo Answers is that Junglr completely gamifies the user experience. Users earn points for almost all activities on the site whether it be from asking and answering questions or making friends, following tags and even receiving likes and suchlike. These points can be used to buy new onsite avatars, badges, boosts and different miscellaneous upgrades. Points can also be used for external purchases, such as discounts on apparel and digital downloads. Junglr's social abilities help you to find new friends and stay socially connected with your peers via shoutouts and tricked-out profile pages. It lets you follow tags so you can answer questions you're interested in and have specialized knowledge in. Overall, Junglr brings a new level of social...