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If you are a Fan of the Lakers you cannot do without this application! With Just Lakers ... More

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Published 22 Oct 2012

There can be no denying that the basketballing LA Lakers are one of the biggest and most successful franchises in worldwide sport. They are right up there with Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid in soccer and The Dallas Cowboys in NFL as some of the best supported and most profitable sporting teams anywhere in the world with a worldwide supporter base that is in the tens of millions. You will see the famous purple Laker shirts proudly worn by fans the world over. So if you are a real fan you will probably want to have this brand new Just Lakers application for Android that delivers all you need to know about Jack Nicholson's boys.
If you are a fan of the Lakers you cannot do without this free application! With Just Lakers you will have all information related to your favourite team of the NBA on your Android mobile. This fine and very comprehensive sporting app contains many publications available so you will be constantly updated about Lakers' news no matter where you are in the world. So how do you think they will go this season? Well, according to pre season polls, the experts seem to think that they will be in the top three by the end of the campaign. Apart from regulars' Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol you can add Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and Antawn Jamison to the roster to see that this is a year where they must be considered as clear contenders the big prize. One thing is for sure, you will not want to miss anything related to the team. Just Lakers summarises the last news from everything connected with the team in real time and from a huge amount of publications. You can personalise your selection from among all the available options and you will have all your favorite team news on your Android.
The true team fan is, as we all know if we have one in the family, somewhat obsessive, to say the least. They want all the information about their team and will scour any number of publications to get all the inside dirt on anything connected to their team. And the LA Lakers NBA team are one of the biggest with a veritable glitterati of celebs like Nicholson, Denzel Washington and various Kardashians regularly seen courtside. Just Lakers delivers all things Lakers to your Android for free and is essential for the true fan of the boys in purple.

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