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It is a Cloud-based (Centralized system where you can access anywhere) Inventory and Accounting ... More

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Published 12 Feb 2013

While there have been many cloud-based accounting and invoicing apps that have passed through our virtual hands here at the FeedMyApp offices over the last few months not many are as comprehensive or cost effective as this one. Just2Cloud is a new inventory and accounting system that cries out for attention - especially by the small business community - because it serves as a virtual office. Here you can create quotes and invoices, create and manage customer and supplier accounts and track your inventory as well as generating sales reports to analyze where you may be going right or wrong.
When most new businesses decide on a management program it tends to be an expensive software purchase than needs to be installed, learnt and maintained. It usually carries a full sales and accounting capability with a CRM thrown in for good luck. It gets to the point where you need an IT team to run it. Many small businesses these days don't need all the bows and whistles, not to mention the time-consuming and costly updates and maintenance, and simply need a virtual office to run things smoothly and efficiently. Which is where an app like this comes in handy. Just2Cloud is a business app that looks as if it is going to be up there with some of our favorite virtual cloud-based office apps  - ClientFisher and DataMoto - if it lives up to its potential. It offers a very flexible system that can be accessed in real-time wherever you are and whenever you need it - assuming there is an internet connection, of course. This clean, good locking and easy to use system is the perfect small business solution that covers everything from the initial contact with a customer right through to the point when they pay. It also keeps a track of your complete inventory. Store customer information, inventory data, invoices, quotations and reports in the cloud and keep your hardware and software costs to a minimum. And with the lowest pricing plan coming in at about three bucks a month you can see that it's an enticing prospect for the sole or small business person to keep their accounts in order.
The obvious question to be asked when it comes to this inventory and accounting app is - why choose Just2Cloud over other fine office systems. Well, in a nutshell, it's clean, easy to use, cheap and does much of the operations that a small business needs to function in the 21st Century. You are not tied in to any long term expensive contracts, there is nothing to download or install and it's cloud-based structure means that you can access it from wherever you can get an Internet connection. It allows your whole team to collaborate and update information while they are on the go or in the office and provides much of the flexibility that a small business requires.

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